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Help the Virginia Penensula Food Bank

Help the Virginia Penensula Food Bank


Chesbay Landscaping has teamed with the Virginia Penensula Food Bank to help provide food to those in need and living on the Penensula. We believe no one should go hungry! 

It's our mission to fight hunger!

For every dollar, up to $50 a client donates to the VPFB between March 1st., 2020 and June 1st., 2021 we will match their donation with a service discount. Redeem using the coupon under Offers.

No one should have to go without food, and no child should go to bed wondering if they will get to eat the next day. Join with us in the fight to stop hunger. Make a donation to the Penensula Food Bank, and get your lawn or landscape discount to match your donation amount up to $50.00.