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As a Nation We are Not Okay.

As a Nation We are Not Okay.


It's not enough that as a Country we came together to fight to recover from a deadly pandemic which has moved against innocent life without concern for race or personal orientations of any kind. It isn't enough that as a Country we came together to lend a helping hand to those hit hard by economic hardships during the pandemic. Now as a Country, as a nation, we must once again come together to meet head on, and to fight against a long history of racial injustice.

Watching protesters, impowered by their freedoms to peacefully assemble so as to speak against racial injustices, is awe inspiring to me and I feel also to the world. What hurts us most as a nation is the sad fact that we find ourselveshere once again.

We assemble! We speak out! We make world news causing the networks to abandon, for the most part, the Covid-19 coverage. But I'm boggled by the question of 'where do we go from here?' What can we do to bring about lasting change? What can we do to break once and for all the vicious cycle of racial injustice, the cycle which continues to bring so many to the alter of harm inflicted by the hands impowerd and sworn to protect us all?

Covid-19 isnt the only health crisis in America. Racialy motivated injustice is our nation's longest surviving health crisis. Racialy motivated injustice is the World's longest surviving health crisis.

As the owner of Chesbay Landscaping, I personally feel if nothing changes, nothing changes. I feel the voice of a suffocating son, husband, and father will all to soon be lost to yet another big news story. I fear the reason for the message flaming peaceful protests will be drowned out by all the unnecessary violence. I fear we will lose focuse on the need for change in the wake of destruction.

I feel that as a nation we absolutely need to begin seeing racism and prejudices in all forms for what they are, and we must openly denounce all injustice. At their very core, racism and prejudices are hate, and they each iminate from dark hearts. From where I sit only a dark hearted person is capable of turning a blind eye to pleadings for help and life.

In the coming weeks, after the protesters have gone home and the many styles of media have moved onto other stories and topics, I ask, where will we be? Where will we go from here? Will it all be swept under the rug or hidden deep within the closet of history? What will be changed?

I have always lead my company under the banner that 'All are Welcome Here.' I vow that as long as I have breath in my body, Chesbay Landscaping will NEVER, waver from the commitment to be a Company committed to being all inclusive. It will never abandon its commitment to treat every person who works here, or to whom our service are provided, with the greatest dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, political, religious or other personal preferences or orientations.

I don't have the answers as to where as a nation we go from here. But I am not OK with where we are. I am not okay with the injustices I see in our communities. I am not okay with brutality inflicted upon others by those we stand up to salute several times a year and hale as our heroes in uniform. I love our Country. Its the greatest nation in the world. But as the leading country of the free world, I am not okay that again, we are having to stand against racism and prejudice in these free United States of America.

In all the ways throughout history our nation has engaged these sensitive issues, have the efforts truly reflected in our commitments to change. To some degree I strongly believe we are all part of the cause and we should all be committed to being part of the solution. Let the voices of the people be heard, especially those affected the hardest. Lets "listen" and respond. But in the name of all liberty and freedom let's do so in a way which brings lasting change, change set so as to keep us from ever having to travel down this path again as a nation.

As for those who rely on us the most - Chesbay Landscaping's employees and clients - I will continue to focus on your safety. Just as I did in response to the pandemic. Should the violence in any area we service reach the point I feel our crews may be placed in harms way should they be sent into the area, I will suspend that service untill such time it should be safe for their return. I would do this only under conditions where the unreast threatens life, limb or property. I'm completely confident I have the full support of all our clients should this action become necessary.

Our nation currently burns by fires that were lit long ago and that are today being stoked by those who would not only intentionally do harm, but who would rally and relish in the fear of so many others. Inherently, there is fear in the unknown. And, not knowing from where harm may come next, puts us all at unrest.

The fire burning through our communities tonight will burnout and the damage to property, repaired. What will remain forever in my mind, however, is the disturbing images of George Floyd pleading to live and to breath. There have been many before him, Rodney King, Matthew Shepherd, Native and African Americans, Hispanic, gay, straight and every color and style in between. It is in their name and memory I pray we not only embrace, as a common cause, the fight for equality and justice for all but that we work together to bring about change that will last throughout all of time.

May you be safe and well.

Chesbay Landscaping